Member Profile: Lisa Grossman

Lisa Grossman

Member Since: August 2010

Type of Member: Part-Time 10

Lisa couldn’t pick her favorite planet, much less a favorite solar system.  They were all fascinating in their own right and it was impossible to decide which one she would focus on for the rest of her career as an astronomer. It had been her dream, ever since she had learned about the possibility of alien life, to be an astronomer or, to be more exact, an alien hunter.  Unfortunately, such a career path required a specificity that she didn’t want.  Instead Lisa took her Astronomy degree from Cornell and went to UC Santa Cruz where they turn recovering scientists into journalists.

That is how we now find Lisa.  She is a science writer who educates the masses on new research in physics and astronomy in a manner that is interesting and accessible.  While at UC Santa Cruz she spent time interning at The Santa Cruz Sentinel, SLAC National Accelerator Lab and After graduating in 2009, she did some writing for New Scientist and Science News.

Now she has found her way to a new city and new job. “Right now, I think I am living the dream,” she admits.  “I just wanted to write about space for anybody, anywhere.  Just get it out there.”  Wired Science knew Lisa and her work and has picked her up as a full-time writer.   Now features regular postings by Lisa.  If you see something regarding space on the website, good chance the byline has her name.

Lisa is an excellent addition to ON.  Collectively, we do a pretty good job of nerding-out over anything science or technology related.  It’s pretty neat to have someone here working for one to the biggest technology sites.  Add to that the fact that she likes board games, hiking and skiing and we’re over the moon for her.

Maybe it’s a bit of a flashback for Lisa and her summer at Johns Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth. “A nerd camp based on 7th grade SATs,” Lisa explained.  “All the kids at the camp had an extra geeky side to them that wasn’t being expressed at home so this was a fun, safe space to be nerdy.”  Does that sound at all like Office Nomads to anyone else?

Lisa, we’re so glad you found us and are thrilled to have you on board as a Nomad!

Member Profile: Charles Redell

charlie headshot 2

Charles Redell


Member Since: January 2008

Type of Member: Resident

Charles Redell is the associate editor for Sustainable Industries and he blogs on his own site as well. He has become and important member of the Nomads community by helping with blogging, giving tours and, even, answering phones. A recent project he has taken on has been organizing Brown Bag Lunch Discussions in which he gathers other interested Nomads to discuss a topic that has been floating around. How Charles could function without Office Nomads is hard to say. How Office Nomads could function without Charles…we don’t want to think about that.

He started working at Office Nomads in November 2007, right after they opened. At the time, he was getting his freelancing career off the ground and had been working from home, coffee shops and libraries for about six months. It was not going well. Though he was earning a living, he was miserable most of the time, and like Chris, rarely wearing pants. He was shocked to realize that he needed an office community as a part of his life but after his first day at ON, he told his wife, “I feel like a productive member of society for the first time in months.”

Also like Chris, Charles is amazed by the friendships he has discovered here. In other offices he has worked, he found companions that would drift off after he left the job. “But since we’re all here by choice, we’ve

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