News flurry!

Yes, it’s going to be nearly 100 degrees in Seattle today and I’m using snow references. ;)

It has been a huge week for both Office Nomads and coworking in the news! Here is a quick break down of some of the recent articles, news clips, and blog posts that have rocked our world during the last week, in chronological order:

Whoa! What will the next week bring, I wonder? Oprah, give us a call whenever you’re ready.

Bring on the paparazzi - coworking's here!

Thanks to Flickr user internets_dairy for their use of this photo under the Creative Commons license.

Suite 133 in the House!

As promised, Tacoma’s entry into the coworking world, Suite 133, started taking down borders today with a visit North to spend the day working here at Office Nomads. I’m not exactly sure how many of them were here, though I’m sure there was at least a tableful, and possibly a few more who came for part of the day and hung out on the couches.

However many they were, it was totally fun to have them. They’re a pretty tight crew of folks which makes sense since, they said, the space down there is somewhat smaller than ours. But being close doesn’t equate with closed though and the crew who joined us fit right into the swing of things here. Though I was working, Susan reports that going out to lunch with them was a blast and Jacob said it was just awesome to have them here. I agree, if only because of the awesome picture we took on one of their Macs. (Now I need one myself!)

We seem to have made a good impression too. Apparently, they’re wanting to use some of Jacob and Susan’s ideas, including the giant exercise balls some of us sit on and the highly organized waste collection system Susan has set up (we all have bins for waste, recycling AND compost thank you very much). They also want a water cooler of their very own now. I couldn’t believe they don’t have one already. Apparently they gossip at their desks or at the copy machine.

Now that we’ve shared the love and seen the glory of tearing down borders, Office Nomads is fervently planning a trip or two South to Suite 133, and further to Souk and CubeSpace in Portland.