Member Profile: Dana Twight

Back in 2012 Dana Twight was listening to KUOW (one of Seattle’s public radio stations) and heard Jacob being interviewed about coworking in Seattle. She had recently transitioned to being an independent financial planner and had been working from home for nearly a year. “I can’t believe I’d never heard of coworking before 2012!” she exclaimed. Shortly thereafter she came into Office Nomads and the rest is history. Anyone who has worked at Office Nomads since 2012 has likely met Dana – she’s been an enthusiastic member since day one and is always up for a chat about travel, politics, sports or finances. We are excited to introduce you to the fabulous Dana Twight!


What is one thing about you most people don’t know?

How about a few things? I climbed Little Tahoma and Mt. Baker at age 15. I’ve marched in a national marching band in the Rose Bowl parade. I’ve given a speech in the WA State Capitol Rotunda. And my first time on the radio was was on a KISW FM show called “Your Mother Won’t Like it,” where listeners brought in their own records. The guy who spun the records for me was long-time Seattle DJ Steve Slaton.

What are you passionate about?

Financial education, political and civic engagement, and reading. Oh and public speaking.


Why are you a member at Office Nomads?

I’ve stayed a member of Office Nomads for the community, the conference rooms, monthly activities, and the laughter! Some of my most successful events and best afternoons laughing have been here.

What events have you participated in at Office Nomads?

I appreciate Work Sprints for the focused quiet time. After working in Germany for 87 days in 2015, I am happy to practice my German conversation skills at German Happy Hour! And I love the Community Cultivator program as a way to contribute (among other things I’m in charge of keeping the office plants alive) and to be a coworking evangelist.


What was the last place you traveled to for fun?

I recently went to North Carolina to see my daughter in Raleigh. NC is a beautiful state with a rich progressive history, despite recent events. Go for the history and the food, stay for the friendliness.


Big thanks to Dana for sharing some of her story with us, and of course to Marti Rhea for capturing Dana in these wonderful photos! You can check out more about Dana on her website, her blog, and on Nerd Wallet. Stay tuned for more…

The Market for Coworking

retro_radioThough I’m a writer for print and online outlets, I’ve got a deep love for radio. That makes me particularly thrilled to report that one of my favorite radio shows did a piece on what they termed, “Something called ‘coworking'” this week.

Marketplace covers all aspects of business. Wait! Before you yawn and turn the dial, give it a listen because Marketplace covers business in a very colorful way. Somehow, even as they stick to the roots of business reporting (numbers, business trends and the like) they craft interesting and intricate story arcs that regularly engage my imagination.

Marketplace’s coverage of coworking, may not be a prime example of their best work because it is so short. Still, it’s an engaging piece with a few good quotes that, I think, really helps illustrate the feel of being a coworker.

At Nutopia, in New York, people are there “sharing the workspace, but not the work.”

The reporter also visited one of the most popular Jelly meetups (and possibly the originator of the concept) in New York City where he reported that people were “working together thigh to thigh” (that’s hot!) and even sitting on the floor to be a part of the scene.

Finally, he interviewed one person at that Jelly meet up who had an interesting take on that version of coworking: “I’m not more productive, but I’m happier.”


The picture is courtesy of Flickr user petroleumjelliffe. Thanks!