Member Profile: Shane Clyburn


Meet Shane Clyburn, a Resident of the Office Nomads first floor. Shane
is relatively new to our eclectic family, and has been with us since
the end of May 2013. Shane holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Journalism and
Creative Writing from the University of Washington. And when he isn’t
writing poetry, immersed in a novel, or hiking out in the wilderness,
you can find him hard at work as a marketing associate for Morgan &
Claypool Publishers. So the next time you are downstairs, be sure to
drop by and introduce yourself!


Member Profile: Mike Jones

Mike Jones


Member Since: January 2008

Type of Member: Resident

Mike Jones is another one of Office Nomads’ world travelers though he’s not from out of the country, he just seems to go there quite a lot. Mike works for Morgan & Claypool Publishers as Director of Marketing. According to him, that means he travels the world charming the pants off librarians. In fact, he sent us the biographical details we used to write this while sitting in a convention hall filled with 1,000 librarians. How he kept his mind on his email in such a place we will never know.

Mike spent three years working out of his kitchen before he discovered Office Nomads. It was not a good experience.”No one should have to work from my kitchen,” he says. “Nobody ever goes in there, there’s no food, I don’t cook, etc. In fact I think President Obama has strictly forbidden working from my kitchen.” Now, he says, he can’t imagine working anywhere other than Office Nomads. Not even the library.

After working in out of his decidedly depressing sounding kitchen, it’s no surprise that Mike settled himself squarely into the center of the main room. It’s a perfect vantage point for

Mike, giving him ample access to procrastinating conversations with Jacob, opportunities to tease Nomad Suzi about her diet and to toss various objects at Erik, Robyn and whomever else presents themselves. A word to the wise: Mike is a sharpshooter with the Nerf projectiles, so be on the lookout.