Entrepreneur Magazine piece features coworking

solo-not-aloneOffice Nomads is incredibly proud to be part of a wonderful piece on coworking in October’s Entrepreneur Magazine! Along with coworking representatives from The Hive (Denver), New Work City (New York City), and Cubes and Crayons (San Francisco area), Office Nomads was highlighted as part of a rising trend of innovative, collaborative workspaces. Here’s a snippit:

The appeal of co-working seems clear: It provides people like Brunelle a professional and social package that most alternatives can’t match. For starters, there’s the real-live-human camaraderie you can’t get from Facebook or text messaging, as well as the potential for networking and uncovering new business opportunities. A co-working office can also offer a sounding board for ideas in an informal setting. And it relieves, for the most part, the energy-sapping world of office politics–not to mention blood-draining commutes.

Pretty awesome! And yes, they’re talking about Resident member David Brunelle, also in the photo above. Definitely take a look if you get a chance, and be sure to pick up a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine when you get a chance – this month is ch0ck-full of great articles.

Coworking Captures Attention, Again

I’ve probably said this here before, but when it rains, it pours coworking and Office Nomads coverage. This week already there are three articles on coworking in the blogosphere, and it’s only Tuesday!

First up is a fabulous overview of coworking and why businesses should try it over at TriangleB2B.com. It’s a long-ish piece that explores the origins, reasons and mechanics of coworking (though it does use the hyphen). It’s by far the best piece on coworking that I’ve seen yet and well worth the read if you’re new to the concept or if you’re well versed in coworking but still sometimes getting the “blank stare” when you explain it. This piece will give you plenty of good, clear language that helps entreprenuers see the value in coworking.

The venerable Web Worker Daily posted another piece on coworking, this time focusing on the history of their coworking coverage. It’s a handy guide to stories describing coworking in general, covering unique business models in coworking and even one on some exotic coworking locales. Read up and join the ongoing discussion there. It’s lively and informative.

Finally, slightly West of us, Jennifer Hargrove at The Kitsap Sun (yes, an actual print newspaper) caught wind of the coworking movement. They published a short piece about coworking and used Office Nomads as the example. Thanks for the kind words and the shout out about the Pink Slip Special!

The image is appropriately titled “The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain” We used it under the Creative Commons license thanks to flickr user Krikit.

We’re on TeeVee!

Remember on Friday when I told you about the from KING5 coming to put together a story on coworking here at Office Nomads. It aired yesterday and is on the tubes today. Check out the Office Nomads TV news story.

Exciting Fridays

It’s the Friday before Memorial Day and that means it’s pretty quiet around these parts. Most people seem to be taking the day off to make a super-long weekend and those of us that aren’t don’t seem to be working all that hard.

There is some cool stuff going on today with the coolest being that a crew from KING-5 News came by to interview Susan and Jacob (and me!) for a piece on coworking they’re going to run on Monday. I While they were here, we took some pictures to document our teevee moment.

Pretty fun, eh? I personally like the shot where the camera is right in Erik’s face. It’s not easy to pretend you’re working with a camera breathing down your neck. Erik’s could at pretending to work though.

Watch KING5 morning news on Monday morning or check back here. We’ll link to the video when they put it up.

Also today, Alison from MassageWorks came in and gave us all free massages! Apparently she saw the story in Seattle Business Monthly that features Chris (member #1) Haddad and wanted to drop by and offer her services. Hopefully we can get her to come back again. If you’re curious about it, you can check out the video Chris shot with is new Flip Video.

If watching me get a massage isn’t all that exciting (it’s not), you can instead watch the below which is a response to Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!

The Market for Coworking

retro_radioThough I’m a writer for print and online outlets, I’ve got a deep love for radio. That makes me particularly thrilled to report that one of my favorite radio shows did a piece on what they termed, “Something called ‘coworking'” this week.

Marketplace covers all aspects of business. Wait! Before you yawn and turn the dial, give it a listen because Marketplace covers business in a very colorful way. Somehow, even as they stick to the roots of business reporting (numbers, business trends and the like) they craft interesting and intricate story arcs that regularly engage my imagination.

Marketplace’s coverage of coworking, may not be a prime example of their best work because it is so short. Still, it’s an engaging piece with a few good quotes that, I think, really helps illustrate the feel of being a coworker.

At Nutopia, in New York, people are there “sharing the workspace, but not the work.”

The reporter also visited one of the most popular Jelly meetups (and possibly the originator of the concept) in New York City where he reported that people were “working together thigh to thigh” (that’s hot!) and even sitting on the floor to be a part of the scene.

Finally, he interviewed one person at that Jelly meet up who had an interesting take on that version of coworking: “I’m not more productive, but I’m happier.”


The picture is courtesy of Flickr user petroleumjelliffe. Thanks!

Coworking Hits the Big Time

susan-new-yorker.JPGSo, yeah, it’s really nice that coworking is getting all the coverage it has been of late. In the past few months there’s been The Times article (both of them), Mother Jones, CNNMoney, The SF Chronicle… Am I missing anything?

But you know how I measure the success of a concept? If it makes it into the pages of The New Yorker, the world’s single best magazine. If they notice something, it’s worth noticing. In the March 10 issue, they noticed coworking. Well, the fiction writer, Hari Kunzru who wrote their short story noticed coworking:

Raj’s office wasn’t what I’d expected. I was imagining—I don’t know what I was imagining. A flashy loft. A life-style statement. It turned out to be a shared suite, a dreary place with grubby tube lights and contract carpeting, where freelancers rented desks, huddling together to make themselves feel less alone.

It’s not the prettiest picture of coworking, I’ll admit, but the whole story is dark like that, so it fits. Anyway, I thought it was neat!

<em> That’s Susan reading the New Yorker story on a Friday afternoon.</em>