Member Profile: Timothy Thomas

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Timothy Thomas, who came to us…well, you should just read the story about what brought him to Office Nomads. And one quick explanation: we snapped these photos back in February while making valentines for both our elected officials and loved ones. 🙂 Enjoy!

Tell us about what brought you to Office Nomads.

I joined because I needed to go to the bathroom while I was on the Hill. My girlfriend Susan had been part of ON for a while and kept encouraging me to join. I decided to address a pressing issue and an underlying issue at the same time. No regrets and nice bathrooms!

That’s a first for us! So, what are you working on right now?

Helping business people transform their lives and businesses. This is showing up in two ways right now – the first is through my work as a certified coach and the second is through search engine optimization and marketing.

What are you passionate about?

Language and how we use it to describe our world and in our interactions with other people. It has been a part of how I see the world since I was a young person, and in my twenties (with the help of the Internet) I got turned onto how language affects our bodies and environment. In coaching, a key area for personal growth for clients is often around how they describe themselves and their experiences.

For me, even if I am not always 100% successful at it, is that being mindful and aware of what is said, how it is said, and the context in which those words are said define our reality. If we are distinct about what we say, we can transform the world. Change our words, change our meanings, change our lives.

What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

Back in 2000 I got upset about a major change in my work environment which I continually described as “breaking my heart.” One day really bad news came from work and in my ensuing panic attack my heart went into an arrhythmia that put me in the hospital. For a while it looked like there would need to be a major intervention with the electro-shock paddles, but when I let go of the idea of being in a “heart breaking situation” my heart went back into a normal pattern (to the surprise of the attending physician and my gathered family members). My unconsidered thoughts had a big impact on what was occurring in my life and I set out on a mission to learn more about that.

That is a powerful story. Speaking of getting away from work, what was the last place you went to for fun?

The last place Susan and I went was a BIG house overlooking Sebastopol, CA. It was an un-updated 90’s dream home built by a couple to throw huge family gatherings and obviously as a place to share with their grandkids. We sat by the pool and experienced the place as we tracked raptors hunting small game in the surrounding hills. It was relaxing and poignant at the same time because it represented something joyful that was fading with time.


Thanks so much to Tim for sharing some of himself with us for our latest Member Profile! And big thanks to Marti Rhea for capturing these great images of Tim. Stay tuned for more Member Profiles coming soon!


Social Networking Ain’t All That

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. MySpace. Blogs. I know there’s a ton more social networking platforms and apps out there, so what am I forgetting? Oh yeah: Yelp. Discussion Boards. Flickr. YouTube. Viddler. Does that cover it? Nope, because I forgot the biggest, baddest, oldest, most important social network of them all: Word of Mouth.

It’s amazing isn’t it? Most of us who live and work online think and talk about and interact with social networking platforms all day, every day thinking all the time that the world of social networking is some new phenomenon that we need to learn how to manage. But humanity has been networking since we’ve had language and Ugg told Grog about that new warm and bright thing in the back of the cave.

A good friend of Office Nomads, Jeremiah Andrick, who happens to be a social media guru brought all of this to our attention yesterday with a post that says simply:
“We forgot about word of mouth.”

Often when I hear people talk about the how “Twitter is changing everything” I laugh because while I get that twitter and other social platforms are changing our ability to stay in touch, these tools are just enabling us to have conversations that we might have had by other mediums. Real change occurs not by a medium, but by people how people use it.

Take some time to read it. Jeremiah’s idea is pretty brilliant in it’s simplicity, and it’s definitely a D’Oh! moment because it reminds all of us who are in customer service (and which of us running our own business isn’t?) that every interaction is a social interaction, replete with all the opportunities and risks inherent in every social media platform there is.

4 Reasons to Join your Local Chamber of Commerce

Office Nomads is a member of our Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce.  And we are proud of it.  Particularly proud today, as the CHCC was featured in the Capitol Hill Times!

Why join your local chamber of commerce?  Let me give you a couple of reasons:

  1. It gets you engaged on a local level. As a member of the CHCC, we get regular communication digests from the Chamber about interesting events, important happenings in our neighborhood, as well as updates on what the Chamber is doing to represent us as Capitol Hill businesses.  It’s a great resource, it’s well put-together, and it is a constant reminder of the world that is right outside our door.
  2. They advocate for businesses. It may seem obvious, but one of the central roles of a Chamber of Commerce is to support the local businesses around them and ensure greater support from local government and individuals.
  3. Increased visibility of your business. Being a member of the CHCC has provided us with a certain amount of visibility that we could never get on our own. The Chamber offers marketing and publicity for its members that is simple and speaks directly to our audience: our neighborhood.
  4. Networking! I know, I know. There are a million outlets for networking these days. But the cool part about networking with your Chamber of Commerce is getting to connect and chat with businesses that are right around the corner. Some of them you know, and some of them you never would have heard of otherwise – the Chamber is a dynamic catchment system of businesses and organizations of all sizes and types that are all interested in supporting one another. It’s a no-brainer for us.

Got any other reasons you’d like to share?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!