Beating the heat in Seattle

Well, if you’re in the city, you know it’s been HOT of late! Not used to all this sun and heat, freelancers and telecommuters alike are seeking refuge from the sweltering (in Northwest terms, of course) outdoors. Michelle Goodman, author of The Anti-9-to-5 Guide and My So-Called Freelance Life recently popped a great post up on the NW Jobs site that is worth a quick read. Here’s a quick exerpt:

I’ve been working from home long enough to know that trying to be productive while beads of sweat roll down your back and drip onto your keyboard is a lost cause. Once my office breaks 80 degrees, all I’m good for is a siesta.

If like me, you’re a home-based worker with no air conditioning, there’s no need to panic about this week’s forecasted heat wave. The Puget Sound area offers plenty of places where freelancers and telecommuters can escape the 90-degree summer sizzle.

Among Michelle’s suggestions are local public library branches and coworking spaces, including Office Nomads. Thanks for the nod, Michelle – we hope to see you in the office soon! The AC is going, fans are a blowing, and we even have the lights off to keep the space nice and cool!

Another way to cool off in the heat

Thanks to Flickr user Powderruns for use of their photo under the Creative Commons license! This shot makes me want to head down to Crater Lake and take a dip!