Sad News in Seattle Coworking

Jacob first told me about Giraffe Labs back in early 2008 or maybe even late 2007 when it was just called Saturday House and we were looking around for communities we had a natural kinship with. Although I never personally met the people who were a part of Giraffe Labs/Saturday House, I loved their story and model and know that Jacob was very much a fan of them. So it was with great sadness that we read late yesterday that Giraffe Labs’ founders decided to close up shop and move on to other things.

According to TechFlash:

A dwindling membership base — not to mention a lack of windows and an expiring lease — sealed the fate of Giraffe Labs.

Apparently the founders had other things going on that demanded their attention more than building membership numbers and in this economy, realized that was not a sustainable model.

We congratulate Brian Dorsey and Anders Conbere (the founders) on their run as GL and wish them both all the luck in the world on future endeavors. We also hope the Giraffes who worked at GL land safely and happily in a new community. With a wealth of great coworking spaces in Seattle, we’re sure you will. To help, we’re extending the Office Nomads Pink Slip Special to any of them that want to come and try us ouf, since losing one’s workspace is akin to being laid off. We also know that StartPad is doing the same thing.

Good luck and Good bye Giraffe Labs!

Seattle Coworking Codrinks

They will control the world, or have a few drinks together.

They will control the world, or have a few drinks together.

Last night there was a meeting of Seattle’s coworking illuminati, according to my sources. Okay, actually, Jacob and Susan told me that last night the owners of all five of Seattle’s coworking spaces went out for drinks together, but I thought the first lede was way more exciting to write.

Anyway, Jacob and Susan, co-owners of Office Nomads, knocked back a few stiff ones with Brian from Giraffe Labs, Brett from Greenwood Collective, Mike and Zachary from StartPad (where we’ve been before), and Nick from Seattle’s newest entry into coworking, Whitespace. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there so I can’t give you the uber-secret scoop on the sit-down. But I can tell you that the group had a good time and began to hatch some plans to help spread the gospel here in town.

Central to this plan, Jacob tells me, is to put together a group Web site that will act as a central resource for all those nomadic, upstart, collected, spacy or long-necked(?!) potential coworkers in the Emerald City. He’s not sure what will be on it yet, so neither am I, but you can rest assured, when I know, you’ll know.

In the meantime, with the Seattle coworking scene hopping this much, I feel like I am completely out of touch and here I am working in the center of it. Over the next few weeks I hope to make a visit myself to the other spaces I haven’t seen yet, and maybe even a repeat visit to StartPad just to say hi. I’ll make sure you know it’s going on so you can follow my coworking travels!

A side note: I’ve been on vacation which is why I haven’t written lately. But there’s a ton going on in the world of coworking right now so I have a ton of posts saved up that I want to write. More to come soon.