Favorite Things: Kitchenette

“I love having a

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very functional kitchenette!” -Alex

Favorite Things: Mia’s Off Broadway

“Spicy Chicken Terryiaki Wraps from Mia’s Off Broadway Cafe. They’re the best! And Mia is fantastic.” – Ron

Favorite Things: Dogs

“Dogs!” – Erika

Favorite things: pizza

“Hot Mama’s Pizza

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is on the corner. Can that be one of my favorite things?” – Susan

Photo credit: Trina Gadsden 2012


Favorite things: On your terms

“If you’ve taken the leap (or been pushed) out of a supported company-based employment, or work from home for whatever reason, you might miss that office life and culture that is so fun and even inspiring. Office Nomads offers it in spades, on your terms.” – Charlie

Photo credit: Trina Gadsden 2012

Favorite Things: Motivation

“I am more motivated when I am surrounded by other people who are also working, and I’m impressed at how focused everyone seems to be.” – Jane

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Trina Gadsden 2012