Member Profile: Kevin Owyang

Kevin Owyang has been a fixture at Office Nomads for years now and we couldn’t be happier about it. We’re so pleased to introduce you to this delightful member of our coworking community here on Capitol Hill! Without further ado, meet Kevin:

What are you passionate about?

My dog Harley, adventure, and risk. I performed under Leonard Bernstein, ran a financial trading floor with $3 Billion in revenue, heli-snowboarded the Chugach range of Alaska, graduated from MIT, performed with members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and was commissioned to create a documentary for a Smithsonian Affiliate.

That’s quite a spread of experiences! What brought you to Seattle?

I was coming out here for a client, an early stage manufacturing company that was eventually sold. They were making trucks more environmentally friendly. At the same time I was looking for a change – I wanted to move back into the city. One thing led to another and here I am!

What are you working on right now?

I’m directing some commercial videos for Amazon Webs Services (AWS). It’s cool because I get to help engineers break out of their mould and imagine the future of computing in ways that impact everyday people. It’s been great to see them receptive to the creative video storytelling process. I get to practice my art for a living.

How did you get into film?

About 3 or 4 years ago I wasn’t in video or film. But one day an Office Nomads member – Chris Hammersley – was making a film for SIFF. He sent out an email asking if people wanted to help and I thought it sounded like fun. And that’s how I got started in video and film! Basically, Office Nomads helped me find a new career I love, when I had no idea this is where my calling would lie.

What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

My faith. That’s not to say I’m a goody-goody or that I look down on others who don’t share my faith. But it’s faith the helps me know that should I fail, if I’m destined to fail, as long as I have a relationship with God, everything’s ok. And that’s freeing for me.


You can check out Kevin’s website to keep tabs on what he’s up to, or to contact him about a project. Big thanks as always to Marti Rhea for taking photos of our members to share with you all!

Pictures of Coworking

Unless you live in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, New Mexico or any of the other “battleground” states in this presidential election, you’ve no doubt noticed that the presidential campaigns produce a ton of commercials but that they only by air time for a select few. It’s a new phenomenon that’s come about thanks to the viral nature of the Internet. Release the “news” that you’ve got a new commercial and news outlets will play it for free.

Well, we’re no dummies here at Office Nomads and know a good idea when we see one. So we thought we’d share with you a few commercials for coworking spaces and help them start to make their rounds on the Internet. Dare we say it, spreading the word about coworking may be a bit more relevant day to day than the back and forths coming from McCain and Obama?

Affinity Labs in Washington, D.C. produced this very short and very nice piece about their services and space. It’s so cool to watch because it showcases the results of the kind of support coworking spaces and incubators can offer.

Then there’s BlankSpaces down in Los Angeles. They’ve produced a really slick piece that I think captures the intent of the coworking community extremely nicely.

Collaboration 2.0 from BLANKSPACES on Vimeo.

They’ve also got a second commercial and a few other videos to check out as well.

In an age when media can come from anyone, anywhere in any form, it’s so nice to have more and more ways to explain and share the concept of coworking with the world. If you’ve got some other examples of coworking videos or podcasts or articles or anything you think we should share, please let us know.

(Oh, and if you’re wondering about an Office Nomads video…some of us residents of the space are working on something that’s going to be, a tad different than the above, but fun to watch nonetheless. Stay tuned…)