What Our Members Say

"Office Nomads provided the missing link for my self-employment: social sustainability. Being self employed finally feels like something I can do for the long haul without going insane from loneliness."

– Ariel, Offbeat Empire

"I've been telecommuting from Office Nomads for 5 years. I can honestly say I wouldn't still have this job without the sanity provided by coworking and the productive environment of Office Nomads."

– Robyn, Burgis Associates

"Coworking at Office Nomads has given our small team the space to grow efficiently and on our own terms. That kind of comfort is priceless, and we really wouldn't have survived without it as an option."

– Tanner, Remote Controlled Chaos

Membership Options


Can’t come in frequently but want to tap into the Office Nomads community? Advocate membership is perfect for you.



Part-time memberships are designed to be flexible, and work great as a part of your independent work schedule.



Looking to ditch your home office setup completely? Set up at your own dedicated desk!



Grad school office not cutting it? Need a more lively location to wrap up your thesis or dissertation? Come work alongside some impromptu advisors!



Pools of days to be used amongst teams of 2-4 individuals.



What's Included

A great community of coworkers to be a part of. Connect in person, over the member mailing list, or at our free in-house events.

No contracts! Every membership is month-to-month and jumping between membership levels is A-OK by us.

Shared access to everything you need to get your work done: high-speed Internet, tasty coffee & tea, cozy meeting rooms, couches for naps, and more.

A variety of work areas – regular desks, standing desks, couches or long tables – all designed to be flexible and suit your mood.

Connect with coworking spaces around the world through the Coworking Visa program.

Lots of ways to participate in our coworking community, all on your terms.