Member Profile: Tatyana Mishel

Tatyana Mishel

Member Since: February 2010

Type of Member: Part-Time 5 but has been known to be a Part-Time 15


Sadly, people don’t often associate the word “fun” with their jobs. We spend

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at least 40 hours a week working yet people don’t often jump up and excitedly tell you about how enjoyable their work is. Tatyana wants to change that.

Tatyana says that she has worked with all sorts of companies and found herself observing the people around her and wondering, “Why are people going to a job and not liking it? Why are they accepting that?”

She found that she loved working with people to help them express themselves. Following a contract position at Microsoft in which she tried to bring more fun into the workplace while coaching there, she entered a coach training program and became certified. Tatyana stepped back out into the workforce with her own business, Everyday Creative, and with the goal of helping people put their true creative selves into their jobs.

Well, actually, Tatyana does more than that. First and foremost, she is a writer and has been a writing coach. Now she is a coach for professionals who are stuck, in a rut, and burnt out. “I help them tap into their creative resources and become more engaged and start down the path to work they would love to do.” She knows that we are all creative beings, “we just have our own styles.” For her, the work she does is “about people loving their work and having fun with their work, on their own and with others.”

If you’ve had a conversation with Tatyana, it’s obvious that her line of work suits her. She lights up when talking about it and was more than excited to share her work at Office nomads in the form of a workshop entitled “The Fun Experiment”. To say the least, we are really excited to see how she can inspire us.

Besides spending her working hours inspiring people, Tatyana loves to get out and be active. She loves to swim and most mornings can be found with her Masters Swim group. Trail running is also a favorite activity which allows her “inner Pocahontas” to shine. With a 50K run on her resume, she adds to the ranks of super athletes in-house. At the same time, she shares the passion for travel that many have at Office Nomads. Past trips to Spain and Ireland left her with wonderful memories and have inspired her to travel more.

Next time you are in Office Nomads, you should make a point to seek out Tatyana for, at the very least, a little inspiration. Together we are all going to find some fun in our work with her on Tuesday, June 29th and you should definitely make a point to stop by.

Member Profile: Holly McHugh

Holly McHugh

Member Since: October 2009

Type of Member: Basic

Holly makes it to Office Nomads about once a week to be surrounded by a community of like-minded folks. She will carpool in the 45 minutes from Maple Valley with her boyfriend, Troy, so as to take advantage of the HOV. Then she settles in at ON while he’s off to OR. Talking to Holly, it is a bit of a surprise to learn that she lives out in Maple Valley as she exudes the urban green lifestyle many of the folks of Seattle lead. Instead, she’s a country girl, well, a displaced city girl in the country.

Originally, Holly hails from Portland but left there to work in China for 8 years in the manufacturing capitol of the world. “I wasn’t living healthy there and my body wasn’t handling it well.” She returned stateside, back to Portland before meeting a lovely man who lived in Maple Valley and, so, she moved up there. Such a shift from a city of 13 million to a town of 20,000 can be hard. “People drive to their mailboxes!” That does sound like the country. Although living so far from Capitol Hill, Holly is hooked and loves to come to ON on days when there is yoga. “I like a place where I can do yoga and there are ‘Your Mom’ jokes.” She is lending a helping hand to Sustainable Capitol Hill by giving them some worms for their worm bin projects. “If there was a Sustainable Maple Valley, I’d be involved.”

Life brought Holly back to the states where she continues to do similar work as she did abroad. “The company I work for works with brands and their importers to help their manufacturing partners, factories or an agent meet the requirements of local labor law in China…For example, let’s say, a women’s clothing brand is our client. We do classroom training for all their suppliers. We also get a select group of their select manufacturing partners and we do training specific to them to help them build compliance capacity. And, we work directly with individual factories to help them meet requirements of the local labor law.” Turns out, Chinese labor laws are actually stricter that US laws so Holly and the consulting firm for whom she works, advise the companies and factories as to what can be done and what needs to be done so the partnership is beneficial for all.

Her job sounds like it takes a lot so she knows how to have fun. Holly loves to mountain bike, and the family is a big fan of going bike camping. With 3 kids in the house, life is busy and it sounds like it’s pretty fun. “My daughter is a rockin’ guitarist. “ Holly gets a proud look on her face, “She’s learning

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Enter Sandman.”

With her life full of family, music, yoga, and bikes, it’s easy to understand how Holly always is buzzing with positive energy. We love having her at Office Nomads and can’t wait for the next Wednesday when we see her again!

Member Profile: Jacob Sayles!

Jacob Sayles

Member Since: Inception

Type of Member: Co-Owner


We’ve started seeing Jacob at Office Nomads a lot more. In the past he had perfected the juggling act of a full time job elsewhere in the city and being a co-owner of Office Nomads. It was all fairly impressive. But January saw an end to the back and forth and he has taken up at Office Nomads full time. “How cool is it that I can walk away from 15 years in software and have this community around me? I didn’t even bat an eye about it,” he said. When Office Nomads started in 2007, building a community he could count on was not the plan. “[Starting Office Nomads] seemed like the right thing to do. I just wanted to jump into a big project I believed in.”

Jacob is all about big projects, and that is one of the reasons we love having him around. Big ideas come to him and he strolls to the front and informs us he wants to build a Wall of Achievement, tear down the wall in the Green Room, install new lighting, make a Big Idea Board, or make a trebuchet out of office supplies. His great energy inspires the rest of us and, just maybe, we’ll harness all of it and take down that big green wall.

Jacob is a bit of a Swiss Army Knife of talents. No tech problem is too big for him. Every construction or maintenance project is something he can easily tackle, as is evidence by his awesome house. Apparently he has ‘mad yo-yo skills’ and holds Steve Brown up as his hero. At the same time, he has mastered the title of Nomad. Starting at the age of 17

with a trip to Japan, he has hopped around to all different parts of the world. Most recently he found himself in Brazil for two weeks enjoy sun and paradise while the rest of us put on our rain jackets and galoshes to fight the Seattle rain.

Come on by the space and see if you can notice the positive changes that have

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occurred since Jacob came back full time. If you can find them all, you get a free cup of coffee! Wait, coffee is always free? Eh…

Now Introducing…Buckley!

The next time you come into Office Nomads, make sure you make a beeline to Susan’s desk. You lift an eyebrow and ask me why. Well, it’s not her wit or her thoughtful commentary (although those are pretty great, too) that makes me suggest you stop by there, but more for Buckley.

Buckley is Susan’s 5-month-old black lab. He is a solid 35 pounds of cuteness. Now, don’t think of a stereotypical bouncing black lab when you picture this guy. Mellow is an excellent way to describe him. ‘Adorable’ works, too. He likes to laze about the office, taking full advantage of Office Nomad’s open napping policy. Usually he happily wanders up when called, plops down on his bottom and shows off his big brown eyes until people give in and scratch his head. He’s a pro and will reduce you in no time into one of those people whose voice jumps a couple octaves and makes funny faces as you pet him. Great entertainment is tossing a tennis ball for him and watching him prance and pounce his way to the ball until he scoops it up and trots back. A true lab, this one.

It’s easy to see that this is a budding puppy food model we have here. If that job doesn’t pan out then he is open to being a food tester, mainly for the meat industry. Young Buckley, or Buck if you’re comfortable, is a major outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys long walks along the waterfront and weekends at his country home in the North Cascades. This young stud is single but isn’t looking for anything serious. If you want to stop by and shower him with love for only a short period of time, he would be thrilled.

And that, everyone, is our new adorably fantastic Nomad. His full name is Sir Buckley Danger Dog, but you can call him Buckley.

Member Profile: Kevin Moore


Kevin Moore


Member Since: January 2010

Type of Member: Resident

When most people are nine, they are mastering the early squiggles of cursive writing and are confident that their urges to eat paste are well gone in their past. At the wee age of nine, Kevin Moore was already tapping away at a keyboard in the early stages of his programming career.  By the time he was in high school he was doing professional web development. A visit to a career fair in college led to an internship at Microsoft, which blossomed to a career, which was a step along the way to his current freelance software consulting.  He was lucky enough to figure out what he liked doing early on and has been able to make a career out of it.

Kevin is a new addition to Office Nomads and he is fitting in perfectly. He became familiar with ON after participating in Green Drinks and Sustainable Capitol Hill. Every entrance and exit he makes in the space involves a fist pound with other Nomads. He’s a positive addition to the space, sharing his James Brown with everyone and enthusiastically joining in on the fun when we’ve gone to Happy Hour or had other events.  There are rumors that he has a singing and music background and we are eagerly anticipating the day when he decided to share that with us.

Like many other Nomads, Kevin is a bit of a world traveler.   This summer he is off to explore Argentina and Peru.  Lucky for him, his business is mobile so in between the tango dancing and exploration of ruins he can continue his freelance software consulting business, Kevin Moore Consulting.  We all are eagerly anticipating his reports on eating cuy (guinea pig) and drinking chicha (corn beer).

We are thrilled to have Kevin at Office Nomads.  Not just because he has the magically ability of fixing our computers just by looking at them, but because he is a pretty stellar individual.

Member Profile: Ron Theis


Ron Theis


Member Since: April 2008

Type of Member: Resident

Ron felt as if working from home was working for him although it also felt like it was pulling him in two directions. His work as Lead Game Designer for Ridiculous Software, Inc. had him focused on the creation of new applications

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for Sidekick phones and IPhones. It had him at

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his computer designing and then writing code for different applications. At the same time he was always aware of his wife working as a stay-at-home mom with their one-year-old daughter, Addison, who was also in the house. His fingers would be typing but his mind was aware of laughter floating in from the other room and he wanted to be there to play. If she cried, he wanted to be there to comfort her. Working at home was not working at all.

Ron found Office Nomads and, with it, a place where he could work with less distraction. Before, he said, “…my one-year-old daughter

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did not understand why Daddy could not play right now.” Now, he goes home in the evening and can focus on his family.

An additional perk to spending 9-5 at Office Nomads is that Ron has found a great mix of people who can be fantastic resources. He sits in a cluster with two other Nomads in a similar industry. Also, when he has questions about topics such as web development, there is usually somebody in the space who can help him. “These are committed people,” Ron explained. “They have everything together.” He finds that that helps him and makes him love this space even more.

His wife and daughter love Office Nomads, too. Addison loves to run around and play with Cortez, one of the resident pooches, when they come in to check on Ron. The whole family comes out to the open houses to catch up with the other Nomads and just have fun. As a whole, the Theis family loves Office Nomads which is fine by us because we love them, too!

Member Profile: Greg Wyckoff


Greg Wyckoff

Member Since: October 2009

Type of Member: Resident

Greg makes the longest trek every day to come to Office Nomads. He makes the journey from Edmonds to Seattle on the the Sounder train, followed by a ride through Seattle in the Metro Bus Tunnel. After about an hour of reading, thinking, working and a little exercise, he arrives at ON ready for the day. Greg sought out Office Nomads to transition from being a stay-at-home dad and part-time web developer to a being a full-time Software Requirements Analyst. It was very difficult to separate his personal time from his professional time, and he knew he needed to move the work elsewhere. Greg found Office Nomads and found somewhere he can “be productive without being part of the machine.” His fondness for the space and the collection of people here are what get him out the door in the morning to start the commute.

Greg lights up when you ask him about Office Nomads. “Office Nomads provides the ‘missing pieces’ for independent professionals. The perceived opportunity of working independently motivates many to break out of the traditional 9-5 office job. There are many benefits to working “on your own,” but it seems that the impact of the energy that comes from interacting with other interesting, lateral thinking, motivated individuals is often overlooked or underestimated. Office Nomads is a unique space that provides an inspiring blend of independence and interaction.”

When he does finally make it to Office Nomads, he settles in and gets down to business. With more than 10 years of IT experience, Greg recently started working as an independent consultant for organizations looking to improve their operations through the use of software. He systematically analyzes business objectives and maps processes, looking for opportunities to apply software to increase efficiency and capacity. Greg offers recommendations for software solutions and also manages the execution of projects.

Greg’s path to his current job is a unique, starting with working on his family’s farm in the Yakima Valley. He says he has always been geek at heart. Working on the farm, was involved with several data collection projects: Yield projections, pest monitoring pesticide application tracking, horticultural activity tracking, etc. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Geology at Whitman College, he spent some time in Germany working for a hop grower/processor where his inner geek and farming roots really melded together. Listening to his story of his time in Germany and work history, it’s interesting how those summers working on the family farm

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really were the foundation for the work he does today.

Outside of Office Nomads, Greg makes sure to spend quality time with his wife and two kids. Weekends often include trips to the pumpkin patch, adventures to the zoo or maybe a father-daughter outing to the climbing gym. It’s fun talking with Greg because there is more than meets the eye: He always seems to have an interest or story you wouldn’t expect. To say the least, he’s a great addition to Office Nomads.

Member Profile: Trevor Smith


Trevor Smith

Member Since: April 2009

Type of Member: Resident

Trevor’s work is about helping creative individuals realize their visions.  “In general, I help people who have ideas about doing something interesting with technology.”  Sometimes that means working with an artist or with a biologist.  They all find Trevor to help them manage software development, helping find material for fabrication, etc.  “These people always have 4000 more ideas that they can’t do and that is where I fit in.”

One such project is to do the software infrastructure for a robot that will be installed in the San José Airport.  The robot will be able to react to the people, lights, the flights landing and many other factors surrounding it.  He is also building software for an installation that will be pillars covered in LEDs and his software will make the patterns in the lights.  Trevor has been a part of a diverse range of projects and his website does a great job a cataloguing them, from the robot to the websites.

Trevor is a one-man operation based in Office Nomads. Here he pours his creative energy into his projects without the distractions he found while working from home. “Raw productivity almost doubled when I came here.”  He sticks around until his daughter’s school, which is only down the street, let’s out and then they grab the bus to the door of his house.  At home he finds that he doesn’t have his own art because, he says,” All my creativity goes into helping other people solve their problems.”  He does, though, have the time to train for a half marathon he will be doing in January.  Trevor’s sister has challenged him to the Key West half marathon and, turns out, Trevor is willing to get competitive if it’s an excuse to go to Key West in January.   The Nomads will be rooting for him.

Member Profile: George Divoky


George Divoky


Member Since: April 2009

Type of Member: Regular

In 1975 George started going to the northern end of the Americas to study black guillemots, an arctic seabird.  The study initially began after discovering some of their nests on Cooper Island which was a rare setting for these cavity nesters.  Excited by the find, he began spending his summers studying the birds with a focus on their breeding.  As the study continued over the years it became apparent that the habits of the birds were changing and this was happening as a result of climate change.  What used to be 200 fledglings a year is dwindling to single digits as food becomes scarce and other animals move onto Cooper looking for food and impacting guillemot eggs and chicks.  The black guillemot population is hurt most by either becoming dinner for polar bears, or getting pushed aside by encroaching puffins.  George shakes his head, “The birds are trying to raise their young.  They did it in the past, the climate is changing, and now they can’t.”  Sadly, these seabirds have become a clear indicator of climate change and as it gets worse for them, “things are getting worse and worse globally”.

George’s summers are spent tallying, weighing and compiling other necessary data.  When he returns to Seattle he comes back to us at Office Nomads where he analyzes the data, does outreach regarding climate change and works to acquire funding for his research and NGO.  After being alone for 3 months, a home office with nobody else around is incredibly unappealing.  He finds calm when surrounded by other people.  “An extended period of isolation does not give you mental peace,” George said. “It makes you uncomfortable.”  At Office Nomads George has the opportunity to be part of the constantly buzzing community here and find the inner calm he misses on the island.

George can easily snag the title of “Coolest Nomad”.  His stories of island life and of his work are rather fascinating, so much so that Darcy Frey wrote a cover story in New York Times Magazine about him.  David Letterman found him just as awesome and had George on his show to talk.  And anyone who can recommend headphones and at the same talk about chasing off polar bears with a shot gun is cooler than just about everyone else in the room.

Member Profile: Charles Redell

charlie headshot 2

Charles Redell


Member Since: January 2008

Type of Member: Resident

Charles Redell is the associate editor for Sustainable Industries and he blogs on his own site as well. He has become and important member of the Nomads community by helping with blogging, giving tours and, even, answering phones. A recent project he has taken on has been organizing Brown Bag Lunch Discussions in which he gathers other interested Nomads to discuss a topic that has been floating around. How Charles could function without Office Nomads is hard to say. How Office Nomads could function without Charles…we don’t want to think about that.

He started working at Office Nomads in November 2007, right after they opened. At the time, he was getting his freelancing career off the ground and had been working from home, coffee shops and libraries for about six months. It was not going well. Though he was earning a living, he was miserable most of the time, and like Chris, rarely wearing pants. He was shocked to realize that he needed an office community as a part of his life but after his first day at ON, he told his wife, “I feel like a productive member of society for the first time in months.”

Also like Chris, Charles is amazed by the friendships he has discovered here. In other offices he has worked, he found companions that would drift off after he left the job. “But since we’re all here by choice, we’ve

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found that we actually want to hang out. It’s really a great place to be.”