Introducing the Nomad-in-Residence Program

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We are testing out a pilot program to bring new Resident members to our coworking space on Capitol Hill. The Nomad-in-Residence Program offers Resident membership at half the cost to an individual who believes that coworking could greatly benefit their work, and who is interested in contributing their knowledge and skills to the members of Office Nomads. We are able to offer this membership at half price because the rest of the membership is funded by current Office Nomads members.

It’s a unique program, and we’re just getting started to see if we can make it work! If you are looking to join a coworking space but have held off for any reason (including finances), please fill out our brief form and let us know why you think you’d be a great fit as the Nomad-in-Residence. The Nomad-in-Residence term lasts 3 months, and is only open to one new Resident at

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We’re keeping the form open until July 15, 2012, and would like the Nomad-in-Residence to begin their membership starting August 1, 2012.

Questions? Please email

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