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Suzi Tucker


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Suzi started coming to Office Nomads after three months of trying the ‘home office’ thing in her one bedroom condo. She would try and work from her living room then go to Victrola (local coffee shop) then home then to Remedy Teas (local tea shop). Each place could only keep her focused for two hours before she needed something different. She found Office Nomads and, with it, a place to hold onto her sanity. “I came here one day over a year ago and never left. That day when I left Office Nomads I walked by Victrola and knew I was done with that” (for work, I’m betting she’ll still head there for the delicious coffee).

At Office Nomads Suzi has been able to stay focused on her work and complete major projects. She is an independent contractor working for a client that is a multinational, multi-institutional research organization creating an online interactive learning experience. “I bring to bear my unique combination of experiences in education, the physical sciences, and design to create engaging experiences that educate and inspire visitors. I handle concept, development, and design for both physical and online exhibits.” Her work has led her to learn more about such topics as Alzheimer’s, global warming, neurology and more while creating educational exhibits. Check out her latest project at when it goes live on October 1st.

Closing her apartment door behind her in the morning and coming to work at Office Nomads has helped Suzi feel like a real person. “My job didn’t feel real when I wasn’t leaving my house to work…Now I can set these very clean boundaries for my work. When I’m here I work. When I’m home, I don’t. “

Suzi is a great, positive individual in the Office Nomads space. She loves coming to many of the evening events. These events prove to be great opportunities to connect with the other folks working around her.

“I rave about this place all the time. Office Nomads is $475 a month. Therapy is so much more expensive. This is the better deal.”

Look for Suzi at Office Nomads Turns Two and chat her up about her awesome experience here at Office Nomads.

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