Still commuting across Lake Washington?

Is this where you want to spend your time?The Seattle area is gearing up for even more highway renovations and repairs this summer, spinning many local commuters into various levels of panic about how they’re going to get to and fro’ their jobs on either side of the water.

Well, we’ve made attempts at getting in touch with the local DOTs to let them know about local coworking spaces willing to take in commute refugees. But we have not yet been able to connect in a way to get the word out to you commuters. Instead of getting the word out through their communication channels, they suggested we reach out to you directly. So here we go:

Sick of commuting across the floating bridges?? Check out one of your local coworking spaces!

If you’re working at some of the large companies either on the Eastside or in Seattle, it is likely that your company either recommends telecommuting regularly or may even require it as part of a commute trip reduction strategy. Instead of battling the productivity demons at home or at the coffee shop, get yourself into a coworking space and get to work. Better still, ask your boss to pay for it since it’s likely cheaper than losing hours of your productive time by asking you to try and work at home.

We’ve talked about the benefits of coworking to commuters before. But never has there been a more timely occasion for those of us in the Puget Sound to take a stab at working from a coworking space, even if it’s just one day a week. There are spaces in Seattle and on the Eastside, all of which provide an awesome alternative to the challenges of telecommuting from home or coffee shops.

So floating bridge commuters I urge you: instead of battling traffic all summer across the bridges, see if you can get yourself into the lucky scenario of kicking your commute goodbye and working alongside some of the savviest workers in the area: coworking members in the Puget Sound.

Thanks for Flickr user rutlo for the use of their photo through the Creative Commons license!

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  1. When are you guys gonna open up a branch in Portland, OR? Soon I hope.