Coworking Visa gets Web Worker love

Man, Web Worker Daily loves coworking. They just covered the Coworking Visa.

The Coworking Visa project, a community-based effort, is essentially an exchange program. If you’re a member of one participating coworking center, you can work at another participating coworking center without having to pay the fees.

It’s really no surprise that the site keeps heaping the love on coworking. It’s aimed directly at the same people who make up a large contingent in the coworking community after all. I don’t know the folks there, but I bet many of them have worked from home or the cafe for too long and were chomping at the bit for coworking when it came along. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me that some of the people who run WWD run or helped start up coworking spaces.

Oh, yeah, what’s the Coworking Visa, you ask? If you’re newer around here, it’s likely you may not have heard of it as it is something Office Nomads fully supports but doesn’t talk about much. Basically, if you’re a member of coworking space that takes part in the Visa program, then you can visit any other member of the program when you’re traveling, for free. Each space sets its own limits and requirements, but most are pretty easy going and willing to make an effort to make visitors comfortable. So next time you’re on the road and need a place to work, look into the Coworking Visa on the coworking wiki and find a space waiting to welcome you.

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