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When David Schmader wrote Last Days at Office Nomads, he made some friends.

When David Schmader wrote Last Days at Office Nomads, he made some friends.

No, we’re not closing, but I got ya with that headline, didn’t I? Actually, once again, this week’s Last Days column in The Stranger is all about Office Nomads. Just like last year, Jacob and Susan bought the right to have the column be about whatever they wanted in The Stranger’s annual Strangercrombie auction. As always, it’s an honor to be a part of what I think is the best part of The Stranger.

While the winning bid was lower than last year, the value was even higher because this time Last Days’ author, David Schmader, had experience with ON, letting him see the difference between last year and this year (huge). Better yet, he had a ton of Nomads to feature in the column and included us in its creation. Each day last week when he was working here, David shared some possible topics for this week’s edition and asked for comments on each. It was a ton of fun to see the sausage being made, so to speak. From videos of babies eating lemons to stories about people watching bestiality porn (see Wednesday’s entry) in public places to the opportunity and abortion donuts (See Thursday) to wax poetic on President Obama’s Inauguration and the recession, it was a completely unique and entertaining experience. Plus, we got to ask him questions about his world-renowned Showgirls commentary.

Once again, thank you to David Schmader for the awesome coverage, to The Stranger for the opportunity and to all of you for reading and passing around the column.

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