6 Reasons to Start Coworking

Our friend Alex Hillman of IndyHall in Philadelphia recently posted one heck of an article on Mashable that is worth sharing.

You can read the entire article here.  For a quick taste, here are Alex’s 6 Reasons to Start Coworking:

  1. You’re lonely
  2. You need motivation
  3. You love to learn new things
  4. You have no idea what is going on in your region
  5. Your work/life balance is out of whack
  6. Sharing resources is RAD

Alex continues…

“Hot-desks and flex-offices serve a purpose, but to some degree, are designed for solidarity in similar ways to cafe-working is. Never mind the fact that their price points aren’t designed for cash-conscious independents.

Coworking is different. Operating a shared office space as a clubhouse for a community changes the game, and affords you endless opportunities for improving yourself as a professional, and putting your region on the map.

Check the coworking wiki to see if coworking is going on near you. No coworking space? Get started with a local Jelly chapter. Jelly is like coworking, but casual and nomadic. Think about the fun of crashing a cafe, someone’s living room, or anywhere that’s got wifi and comfy seats, with a bunch of friends and coworking for the day. It’s the ideal precursor to coworking, and a great way to start at the right place: the community.”

Alex, we couldn’t have said it better!

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